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Dr Ajay Upkar HospitalDr Ajay Saini (Sex &V. D. Specialist)
Dr Ajay Saini (Sex &V. D. Specialist) is a senior sexologist & dermatologist

Dr. Ajay Saini has more than 5 year of vast experience in treating various sexual disorders, skin problems & piles. He has participated in a number of conferences, seminars and workshops. He has a great knowledge and experience of latest technology

He is a member of DOCLAND SERVICES LIMITED. He has also given his services to ARYAN HOSPITAL, GURGAON as a Consultant and also worked in NAVJEEVAN CLINIC, SOHNA

About Upkar Hospital

UPKAR HOSPITAL is one of the most genuine Sex hospital located in Gurgaon. The Hospital was established by Dr. Ajai Saini in 2010. Upkar Hospital is depiction its services in Sex treatments, skin allergies & piles with the best efforts, modern therapies, treatment & Medicine. This Hospital is specifically intended to meet patient's difficulty and to offer them satisfactory services. The Hospital aims to provide care to the patients at very reasonably priced charges without compromising on quality and privacy.

The spirit of our conduct to treat patients according to the cause of their problems. Each patient is dealt in a private and stress-free atmosphere

At UPKAR HOSPITAL, there are various treatment therapies available for the treatment of sex problems in males and females, skin allergies & piles. UPKAR HOSPITAL is backed by the well-knowledgeable and experience physicians along with giving the right treatment to get relieve of sexual problems, skin allergies & piles. It makes the patients to get the best potential results without any side-effect.


Sexual Diseases Treatment Services

Sexuality is an undisclosed and most susceptible feature of every individual’s persona. For the prolongation of the genus it is very vital. Every person undergoes diverse phases of his life. During these phases they may suffer from some sexual problems. Sexual dysfunction may occur to any age group.These sexual problems may include:

No thriving Sexual contact between Partners, Unable to gratify your spouse, Concerned of your own Sexuality, Family Problems – Marital Problems, Anxious of getting married – uneasy about future sexual life, Adjustment Problems, Scared of Intercourse, Non supportive partner, Male Sexual Problems , Female Sexual Problems, Painful Intercourse, Tight or Loose Vagina, Concerns about Sexual Health, Masturbation Concerns (Both Male & Female), Small Penis Size and Big Penis, Small Breasts and Big Breasts, Erectile Dysfunction, Lack of Desire for Sex (Both Male & Female), Premature Ejaculation, Inability to ejaculate, Night secretion / Wet dreams, Sexual Weakness, Orgasmic disorders (Both Male & Female), Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV / AIDS, Unwanted Pregnancy – Result of unplanned intercourse

Do you want the following things in your life?

• More happiness and fun?

• Overcome sexual problems?

• Revive your craving?

• Feel appreciated

So, don’t permit sexual problems to destroy your life and your marital life. Get help from an experienced contemporary medical doctor like us!

Piles Treatment Services

If you have pain, swellings and burning sensation in anus it may be piles. The common symptoms are bleeding from your anus, a bulge in or around your anus, release of mucus, constipation, itching etc.

If you are suffering from any of above symptoms of piles,then don’t get panic.It can be cured by latest therapies and medicines.

We provide best and affordable treatment for piles at the cost of patient satisfaction.

Skin and Allergy Treatment

Upkar Hospital treat various kind of skin diseases, diseases of hair and nails, acne, acne scars, under eye dark circles, skin pigmentation disorders, mouth allergies, allergies in palms and soles, infection in male and female genital organs, leprosy, fungal infections and various other diseases of skin.

We have various treatment services, technologies and equipments for combating all skin diseases, allergies, sexual dysfunctions, piles etc.

We also provide sexual counseling to give you better sexual life.

We believes in..


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Best Sexologist in Palwal, Rohtak & Rewari

Sexual problems can occur at any time and at any stage of lifecycle. It is not limited to any gender but can happen to men and women both. There are many causes due to which sexual dysfunction can take place. We are one of the best sexologist in Palwal and also has a best team making us best sexologist in Rewari. We provide solutions to sexual problems associated with men and women both. We intend to provide best in class solutions to sexual problems to meet patient’s difficulty offering them satisfactory services. Our sexologist in Palwal, sexologist in Rohtak and sexologist in Rewari provide solutions to these problems. We also have a dedicated team of physicians and doctors providing solutions to skin and allergic problems associated with men and women. We make sure that we provide best solutions with focusing on quality and privacy. Below are the offered services in our portfolio:

Skin related issues: We provide solutions to skin related problems associated with men and women. Our treatment includes solutions for mouth allergies, acne and scars, fungal infections and other diseases of skin.

Sexual dysfunction problems: We offer solutions related to any sexual dysfunction. Our treatment includes solutions for libido (low sex desire), premature ejaculation, and problems related to genital organs in both men and women. We promise to provide solutions to diseases keeping in mind privacy of the patient.

Piles treatment: Piles cause blood vessels around the anus and rectum to stretch under pressure which further cause swelling or bulging. We provide treatment of these problems at reasonable prices.