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What is Piles?

If you have pain, swellings and burning sensation in anus it may be piles. The common symptoms are bleeding from your anus, a bulge in or around your anus, release of mucus, constipation; itching etc. Piles can be various sizes and may be internal and external. Internal piles are most common.


• Bleeding from your anus during excretion.A tooth that constantly aches or throbs.

• A bulge in or around your anus.

• A sticky discharge of mucus.

• Constipation.

• Itchy skin around your anus.

• Internal or External Swelling around anus.


If you are suffering from any of above symptoms of piles, then don’t get panic.It can be cured by latest therapies and medicines.

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What is Allergy?

Allergies are an invader in our body. They are also known as foreign substances that can trigger our immune system.

In some cases our own body fights against invaders but in other cases we need a medication. The person might feel itchiness, rashes, mumps, ulcers, redness, inflammation. This response is very quick and may be temporary or permanent. The major causes of allergy are:

• Drugs

• Dust

• Food

• Insect venom

• Mold

• Pet and other animal dander

• Pollen

• Inherited


If you have any allergy from any source, you may consult us regarding your problems. We have best treatment, medicines, therapies and laser treatment.

Allergy Specialist in Gurgaon & Piles Specialist in Gurgaon

Piles, otherwise haemorrhoids are painful and unpleasant inflammations that we all have. The symptoms of piles can be when our haemorrhoidal cushion becomes too big and inflamed. Piles are most common in elderly people and pregnant women. Piles can be of two types namely internal which happens inside the anus and other one is external which happens outside the anus. They can be of different sizes with their typical size ranging from 2 to 4 centimeters. An individual with piles may experience below symptoms:

- You might fail pain while defecating.

- The area around and near the anus may be red and sore.

- There may be a hard lump around the anus.

Causes of Piles:

Piles cause blood vessels around the anus and rectum to stretch under pressure which further cause swelling or bulging. The most common reasons for occurrence of piles may be due to chronic constipation. People residing in Gurgaon must look for piles specialist in Gurgaon like us in order to cure them.

Allergy generally occurs due to external substance coming in touch with our body. An allergy causes our immune system to react or may involve an exaggerated response from our body. Allergies can be developed at any age and at any time. Some people suffer from allergy due to food substances or some people may suffer from allergy due to weather. Our immune system fights against some of the allergies and successfully overcome them while some of them can cause itchiness, rashes, ulcers or inflammation. We are one of the allergy specialists in Gurgaon helping you to overcome allergic issues.

Upkar hospital has a good team of Allergy Specialist in Gurgaon & Piles Specialist in Gurgaon.