Men’s interest in sex and responses to sexual stimulation vary widely. The quality of his experiences is affected by individual differences, by life style, by age and hormonal levels, and by overall health and well-being. A sexual problem is anything that interferes with a man’s happiness with sexual emotions.

Upkar Hospital provides best and reasonable treatment for various male sexual problems by various medication, therapies, surgery and counseling for following sexual dysfunctions:

Erectile Dysfunction is defined as failure to sustain penis erection during sexual activity. The erection mainly correlated with the status of masculinity. If it happens then the situation become worse and the person will be in panic.


It is a common problem in men. In this case man has no control on his ejaculation of the semen. Just after the copulation due to excitement he does not able to control on discharge. Woman might leave unsatisfied. This affects the martial relationship. This can be treated by proper medication.


Average penis size is six inches or fifteen centimeter. The person feels no confident in exposure to public places. He doubt whether he is unable to have satisfied sexual life or not. This problem can be treated after proper diagnosis. Hormone therapy & surgical intervention are some of the method for this problem.


Masturbation is not a problem but along with weakness, tension, loss of memory this might be a cause of concern. This can affect the healthy marriage life. The major causes of problem are hormonal imbalance, smoking, drugs, alcohol etc


Night fall is the ejaculation during sleep. This is very common in teenagers. This is also known as wet dreams or orgasm during sleep. This is a natural process. Lack of information may lead to a serious sexual problem.


The male infertility is a common problem including many conditions or diseases.


An expert is an only solution to any query. Thus a counselor provides wide information about the sexual potency before or after the marriage. It includes testing of male sex hormones, blood tests, and education on sex, counseling, sex therapies, detailed information about female body & their reproductive parts, sensitive areas. This kind of education provides better understanding with partner. This is a key point for healthy sex life.

Sex Specialist in Gurgaon, Delhi & Rewari

Sexual health is very crucial for a human irrespective of their life, status and their age. Sexual activity involves active co-ordination of the human organs and systems of the body. Sexual health also contributes to the well-being of a human and enhances their quality of life. Sexual problems generally lead to decline in quality of life in an individual while it also act as a symptom of a medical issue. Sexual relation involves blood vessels, nerves and penile integration to co-ordinate for all the time leading to a successful and satisfactory phenomenon.
Different individuals have their own understanding and levels of sexual relations. But there are sexual problems that hinder one’s life and act as an interference particle in one’s happiness levels. There are different types of sexual problems that can be associated with men and they are listed below:

Low Libido: Low Libido can be described as a situation when sexual desire in a man diminishes or becomes absent. It is directly correlated to ones level of satisfaction of sexual desire as well. Some men can feel fulfilled with their sexual lives but others may feel the same level as scarce. Low libido is generally caused by hypertension, fatigue, drug addiction or relationship problems.

Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction is a situation wherein a man is not able to maintain a satisfactory erection during sex. Generally, erectile dysfunction varies with the age with the problem arising in men as their age increases but in case, a young man faces this issue, the problem is with their masculinity which can be treated.

Premature ejaculation: This situation is the most common form of sexual issue associated with men. It is a situation in which men are not able to discharge their sperm at all or at unsatisfactory levels. An ejaculation after a long delay of physical stimulation is also an ejaculation problem.

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